Week 7- Appendix G Sternbergs Theory of Love

Week 7- Appendix G Sternbergs Theory of Love - passionate...

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Axia College Material Appendix G According to Sternberg, a person can experience eight general types of love. In the following table, a type of love as identified by Sternberg is in the left column. In the center column, write the combination of components that type of love demonstrates (intimacy, passion, or commitment). In the right column, fill in the characteristics for the corresponding type of love. Type of Love Components Characteristics Non Love All three components are absent in non love. All three components are absent in non love. Liking Intimacy Commitment and passion are missing. Infatuation
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Unformatted text preview: passionate It is passionate or desire for another but not intimate or committed. Empty Love commitment It is a stagnate relationship with out emotional intimacy or physical desire Romantic Love Passion and intimacy This lacks the commitment. Companionate Love Intimacy and commitment Passion has died down in the relationship more like a committed friendship. Fatuous Love Passion and commitment The intimacy is missing. Consummate Love Passion, intimacy and commitment Have all three components. What many strive for in a relationship. Maintaining is harder than achieving it....
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