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Week 1 DQ 1 - non-renewable resources(diesel at a large...

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In your own words, define environmental sustainability. Then, list three behaviors of your own that threaten environmental sustainability. How could you change those behaviors to reduce threats to environmental sustainability? Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain things or to maintain qualities that are important in the physical environment. It could be defined a bit easier by stating that in our environment, we don’t want to take more resources from Earth than what Earth can sustain (maintain). There are many things we want to sustain here on Earth; here are some examples: human life, good living conditions (clean water, clean air, and a suitable climate to live in), maintaining renewable resources, and our quality of life. Our biggest Environmental sustainability issues occur where there is a loss of something or a quality that us as human beings value. Some behaviors that I have that threaten environmental sustainability: I drive a very large Ford F-350 Super duty pick-up with very large tires- This depletes
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Unformatted text preview: non-renewable resources (diesel) at a large rate and puts a large amount of greenhouse gases into the environment. To change this behavior, I would like to buy a vehicle that is a lot more environmentally safe and fuel efficient. • I watch a lot of TV on my 55 inch big screen HD television- This has a very large demand for a lot of power To change this behavior, I will buy a smaller HD television that is energy star compliant to reduce power consumption. • I buy a lot of food from Large super markets and don’t use organic food much and I also don’t buy from local merchants much- This allows for more chemicals, more energy usage, and more greenhouse gases by all of the different thing it takes to prepare the food, transport it, and store it. To change this behavior, I will be starting to buy more fresh produce that is locally grown and I will start to consume more organic grown foods to cut down on everything it takes for other foods....
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Week 1 DQ 1 - non-renewable resources(diesel at a large...

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