Week 2 Checkpoint- Conservation and Preservation

Week 2 Checkpoint- Conservation and Preservation - when it...

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Running head: CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION CHECKPOINT 1 Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint Stephen D, James SCI/275 Ricardo R. Garces April 29, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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CONSERVATION AND PRESERVATION CHECKPOINT 2 Conservation and Preservation Checkpoint The reading and video provided for the week was a great tutorial in the teaching of the environment, and the difference between conservation and preservation. The meaning of conservation is when a group of people get together and have a common ground that the environment is sacred; but resources may be taken off the land if done in a conscience way, in which there is supposedly no harm, or minimal harm being done to the land. When a group or person feels strongly about the environment and wishes to maintain or preserve the natural resources, this method is considered to be preservation. Taking natural resources from our World (let alone National forests) is a very controversial subject for me. Different circumstances can cause different outcomes; I feel that
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Unformatted text preview: when it comes to human beings using the land in an environmental efficient way, I am all for it. I do believe that we can take trees if there are too dense of areas, or eliminate weak and dead trees to promote the growth of new vegetation. We need to be able to take resources without disturbing the land; if the land is getting disturbed, then I am against the idea. In the issue from the Bridger Teton video; I am against the issue involving of the taking of natural fuels from the Earth. As stated by the guy with the cowboy hat: they would have to make pipelines and roads to import and export materials and resources extracted from the ground. There is always the risk that the fuels and oils will leak when getting extracted and poison surrounding plant and wild life. In these tough environmental times, we must stick together to help prevent more harm being done to this planet....
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Week 2 Checkpoint- Conservation and Preservation - when it...

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