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This was a very interesting example of the second law of thermodynamics. There is a 90% loss of thermo loss; all the way down the line, from the producer, down to the Tertiary consumer. I used the carrot as my vegetable, which had 52 calories per serving. The primary consumer gains 5.2 calories from eating the carrot, and loses 46.8 calories, due to heat loss. The secondary consumer gains .52 calories, and loses 4.68 calories to heat loss. Finally the Tertiary consumer only gains 0.052 calories, and loses 0.468 calories to thermal loss. I notice there is not enough energy gains from the products compared to the 70 – 80% energy losses from the
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Unformatted text preview: equipment or the 90% loss of consumer energy loss to produce in the way that the farmers are now producing. It would be ideal if the animals could eat the left over products after humans have taken the highest amount of energy available. You could not construct a balanced ecosystem if anything on the flow chart was missing. As for it goes for an ecosystem with producers and consumers, you would not be able to have a working ecosystem because the producers wouldn’t have anything to sell; you would be able to have consumers and decomposers would give to each other for the ecosystem to work....
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