Week 6 assignment- Water Resource Plan

Week 6 assignment- Water Resource Plan - Running head WATER...

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Running head: WATER RESOURCE PLAN 1 Water Resource Plan Stephen D, James SCI-275 Ricardo R. Garces May 29, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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WATER RESOURCE PLAN 2 Water Resource Plan Due to all the pollution, environmental disruptions, and overfishing, the oceans are losing a majority of a very valuable natural resource. The video reported that there is only 10% of game fish available because 90% of the ocean’s fish population has disappeared, even though the fisherman stated that there is just as many fish being caught today. As the human population increases, recreational and commercial fishermen are taking more fish than can be replenished (overfishing). This resource plan will cover the problems that are occurring from overfishing on the Oceans ecosystem and why something needs to be done. As the overfishing is happening; there are large environmental risks, and it also affects the ocean’s ecosystem, so one could say that the issues that are being caused by overfishing, cannot be reversed if we do not act now. According to www.ochaopt.org ( www.ochaopt.org , n.d.), “the quantities of fish harvested in the year 2006, have reached 2323 tons, whereas in 2003 the quantity of harvested fish have reached 1507 tons.” A plan that would benefit commercial fishermen to environmentalists is to bring the problem of overfishing before Congress, and to find out what Congress would think of passing a bill to set strict regulations of fishing seasons and to set the limit of pounds of fish that a boat can bring in to a fishery. Presentations would be done to convince Congress and agencies to approve this plan. Boat patrol would have to patrol the ocean to try to cut down on by-fishing.
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Week 6 assignment- Water Resource Plan - Running head WATER...

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