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A large issue that we have here in the United States and the rest of the entire world is how do we try to reduce solid waste. We need to all try to use the “Three R” (reducing, reuse, and recycling) method to reduce solid waste. Not enough people recycle their goods. When you want to buy a product, ask yourself if you really need it or do you just want it; if you just want it, maybe you should hold off until you actually need that product. So many people have to buy so many products every time they go to town, that when they get home they end up with more then
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Unformatted text preview: they will be able to use before it goes bad; a big problem people have is to buy everything in the jumbo containers just because they get more per dollar and then it goes to waste. Maybe when people purchase products, they can choose not to bag them up with bags that are going to get thrown away. If people start reducing, recycling, and reusing products; maybe the solid waste problem will diminish....
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