Week 8 Checkpoint- Energy Resource Challenges

Week 8 Checkpoint- Energy Resource Challenges - Some...

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Running head: ENERGY RESOURCE CHALLENGES 1 Energy Resource Challenges Stephen D, James SCI-275 Ricardo Garces June 10, 2011 University of Phoenix (Axia College)
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ENERGY RESOURCE CHALLENGES 2 Energy Resource Challenges The video mentions four different renewable resources that I noticed. Commercial and residential users of power can now use solar cells or panels to absorb and store solar power. In some cases, the solar cells can collect enough energy to provide the power grid and you may get paid for this. Another renewable energy source is the solar concentrator which turns a turbine from the sun’s energy. Ethanol is another renewable energy source that can come from farmer’s harvests and the left over harvest material. Then there are wind turbines that are a great source of energy that leave now serious effects on the environment, except for birds. Another renewable source that is available could be hydrogen cells. The problem with hydrogen cells is that only 10% of the energy can be used.
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Unformatted text preview: Some challenges of solar cells could be the price, even though the panels would pay themselves off in two-three years. Most people are skeptical of using the solar panels because of the lack of popularity; the popularity will grow over the years to come. Ethanol is a great alternative to fossil fuels, but there are challenges. The costs are high, the only reason some prices of ethanol are low are because of government subsidies provided. The wind turbine is also great, but many people do not like to look at turbine farms nor do they like the effects that the turbines have on birds. Another nonrenewable resource that is not mentioned in the video is nuclear power. Uranium will run out in 100 years or so. The three challenges of nonrenewable resources are that they put out pollution, they are using up the world’s resources, and economic concerns; human management is also a must to try to prevent catastrophic events from happening....
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Week 8 Checkpoint- Energy Resource Challenges - Some...

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