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finex09 - MAT 127 Final Exam 8:15-10:45am Name Section L01...

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MAT 127 Final Exam December 14, 2009 8:15-10:45am Name: ID: Section: L01 L02 L03 L04 (circle yours) MWF 9:35-10:30am MW 5:20-6:45pm TuTh 2:20-3:40pm TuTh 5:20-6:40pm DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM YET Instructions (1) This exam is closed-book and closed-notes; no calculators, no phones. (2) Please write legibly. Circle or box your final answers. (3) Show your work. Correct answers only will receive only partial credit. (4) Simplify your answers as much as possible. (5) Leave your answers in exact form (e.g. 2, not 1 . 4). (6) If you need more blank paper, ask a proctor. (7) Please write your name and ID number on any additional sheets you’d like to be graded and staple them to the back of the exam (stapler provided); indicate in the exam that the solution continues on the attached sheets. (8) Anything handed in will be graded; incorrect statements will be penalized even if they are in addition to complete and correct solutions. If you do not want something graded, please erase it or cross it out. Out of fairness to others, please stop working and close the exam as soon as the time is called . A significant number of points will be taken off your exam score if you continue working after the time is called. You will be given a two-minute warning before the end.
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Some Taylor Series 1 1 - x = summationdisplay n =0 x n if | x | < 1 cos x = summationdisplay n =0 ( - 1) n x 2 n (2 n )!
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