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Unformatted text preview: MAT 127 Check one: "'---'-~- :tn Number Lecture Lecture Lecture # # 1 2 #4 MIDTERM 1 MWF 9:35-,10:30 T Th 2:20'-3:40 M W 5:20~6:40 Gorsky Michelsohn Vito ~~~~--------------~~ No calculators are allowed. Do aU of your work in this exam booklet, and cross out any work the grader should ignore. You may use the backs of pages, but indicate deafly what is where. Problems without full justification credit, even if the answer is correct. (Le., "work") will not receive Leave all answers in exact form, that roots, etc. 1 IS, do not approximate 7r, full squate Problems 1-,-8.-'fest for convergence (no credit for afiswer without a correct corrrplete justification). If you use a test, you must show why it W()rk$~ I.e.; yoU c-anit just say: "comparison test" or "integral test", :YouihU$t make the cbmparisoh or compute the appropriate integral. 1) f (~)n n:=O 3 00 2) . 2 :L n n':l ~ ~ n4 L <Xl 3) - n=2 n~+n 5 n-1 2 4) CX? E (1 1) k! ~ 2k k=l 3 00 7) 2: n e2 n n=l 8) 00 ~ L.-t • SInn n2 n=l 4 9. Fihd how many terms you need to approximate 1 I:(-l)n 2n3 00 n=l t:ortectly to 3 decimal places. Will the ~rror be positive or negative? 10. Find a good bound on the error if you use the finite sum 20 I:ne- n n=l to approximate the infinite sum 00 5 ...
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