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Using matlab 1. Go to one of the sinc sites on campus. You will need a “netid” to login. Find matlab under the Start tab, or by going to C:\Program Files\MATLAB under the My Computer tab, and launch the program. It is presumably also available for the Mac. 2. Create a matlab script. Go to File and click New Blank M-File. 3. Type in the commands in example.m on the web page to understand how matlab works into your file. If the network is running slowly, you can copy the file to the local
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Unformatted text preview: computer computer. 4. Save your work with CNTRL-S as whatever.m . As you edit whatever.m be sure to save this file frequently with CNTRL-S. 5. In the matlab console window type whatever and matlab will execute the commands which are saved in whatever.m . It is therefore important that as you make changes to whatever.m , to press CNTRL-S before you execute the whatever . 6. Play with example.m and see how it works. 1...
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