PHY133-03-Acceleration-1 - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO 3...

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PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO. 3 ACCELERATION Introduction In this experiment we determine the gravitational acceleration constant g by measuring the position of a freely-falling ruler as a function of time. Equipment 1 Computer set 1 Photogate 1 Interface box 1 Plastic ruler and masking tape Method By dropping a ruler through a photogate (an "electric eye") we can determine the rate at which a freely-falling object will accelerate due to the earth's gravitational force. The clear, plastic ruler will be marked at regular intervals with strips of masking tape that will block and unblock an infra-red light beam in the photogate at certain time intervals. These times will be measured and recorded in the computer and displayed on the monitor. If supplied with the distance between successive pieces of masking tape, the computer can perform the calculation of the average velocity of the ruler in these time intervals during its descent. The results can be displayed graphically on the monitor in various ways. Procedure 1. Preparing the ruler: Lay a piece of masking tape across the ruler so that it lines up as precisely as possible with the 0 cm marker line. Then lay down the next piece tightly against the first one. Repeat the procedure until the tape covers the entire length of the ruler. Starting with the second piece, peel off every other piece of tape so that the ruler looks like a blunt "picket fence." See Fig. 1. Lay the peeled off tapes directly over the ones on the ruler so that you end up with a double thickness. This insures that the tape blocks the light efficiently. Trim off any excess tape.
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2. Interval Measurement:
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PHY133-03-Acceleration-1 - PHYSICS 133 EXPERIMENT NO 3...

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