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Homework # 1, due 10 Feb 1. Show that an extinction of A λ = 1 magnitude leads to a Fux F λ decrease to 40% of its original value. 2. Assuming dust grains are 0 . 1 μ m in radius, that the gas density in the ISM is n H = 1 cm 3 , and the num- ber density of dust grains is n d = 10 12 cm 3 and uniformly distribued, ±nd the column density N H of hydrogen to be expected along a line of sight in which a source is observed to have an extinction A V = 1 mag- nitude. What is the mean free path of light along this line of sight? What is the distance to the source? 3. Assume a star cluster has 200 ²5 stars at the main
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