h9 - each star is 1 M ⊙ iv Also Fnd the mean distance...

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Homework # 9, due 3 May 1. Do problem 5.8 in the text. 2. Do problem 5.13 in the text. Determine the ratio of the two areas of the zones in the disk where 2 and 4 armed spirals are stable. Does this depend on the value of Ω p ? 3. Do problem 5.15 in the text. SpeciFcally, Fnd i) the radius of the inner edge of the disk in parsecs ii) the mass inside this disk iii) and the mean time between collisions of stars assuming
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Unformatted text preview: each star is 1 M ⊙ . iv) Also Fnd the mean distance between these stars. 4. Suppose the true aspect ratio of a type of galaxy was B/A = 1 / 2. If we observe a large number of these galaxies, each having a randomly oriented inclination i , what is the average aspect ratio q that we would observe? Even if you can’t determine the number, is q larger or smaller than B/A ?...
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