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Notes - is not correct in the Red part Thanks Bin Hi Sorry...

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Thank you all for your hard work to make the report looks nice. I think 2.2 the Red part (although Suman has removed it), I think it can replace Section 6. This is acually the design and test we did. For section 6, I do not how suman figured out. I do not think we did it. 3.3 and 3.4 I am not sure, if the clock/clear shall be in the truth table? 3.5 in the description. Pls add "instance", such as: As the 4-bit counter is made of 4 JK FlipFlops, we made the JK as a instance first and then add it into the connter design. 4.4 the fig may need to replace with the one with less ploy and I think Khalef will also add the Pspice simulation result 6, refer to 2.2, I think we do not need it or replaced by 2.2 Red part in previous version (Note, if so, the Pspice version
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Unformatted text preview: is not correct in the Red part) Thanks, Bin Hi, Sorry i could not attach the correct file here i have done the corrections as mentioned in my prev mail from my side. Please go throuugh it again here is a to do list: 1. JK part to be included. 2. Are we including the code for spice simulations.?? i think we should include that but whatever you decide its ok with me. Please refer to bin's mail regarding siva. We have to give him the copy of our result and tdb file for cif conversion I hope we are done with the final report. Bin has to also put his comments. Regards, Suman...
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