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EE 3750 — Homework 1 due Wed., September 19, 2001 1. For each of the following instructions, identify the addressing mode of the destination operand and, if the operand is in memory, specify the effective address and the physical address. Let BX denote the contents of register BX. Let BX = 426H, SI = 2A11H, and DS = 400H. (a) MOV [BX], CX (b) MOV SI, 7 (c) MOV [BX][SI-11H], CL (d) MOV [BX+3], CL 2. All integers in this problem are written in hexadecimal. Let AX = 19C3, BX = 2B11, CX = 3EE0, DI = 1988, SI = 330, CS = 500, DS =9FF0, SS = 9876, and the contents of
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Unformatted text preview: the word in memory to which SI points = 910B. For each instruction below, (a) indicate the destination operand and its contents after the addition, (b) give the flag settings for CF, PF, AF, ZF, SF, and OF after performing the addition, (c) write the machine code, and (d) derive the number of clock cycles to perform each instruction. ADD [SI], 2121H ADD CL,BH 3. Explain the difference in operation between the MOV BX, CX and MOV [BX], CX instructions. Specify exactly which registers and memory locations change when each is executed....
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