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HW5-3750 - asynchronous characters containing 8 data bits 1...

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EE 3750 — Homework 5 due Wed., December 5, 2001 For all problems: state any assumptions made; include comments as needed to make assembly instruction sequences clear. 1. Write an instruction sequence to program a single 8259A to operate as the only 8259A in the system and provide the following features. The lowest port address of the 8259 is 84H. • level-triggered interrupts • a base interrupt vector number of 58H • no special fully nested mode • SP / EN to output a disable signal to the data bus transceivers • AEOI mode enabled • place IR3 at the lowest priority level 2. Write an instruction sequence that will initialize an 8251A so that it will receive
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Unformatted text preview: asynchronous characters containing 8 data bits, 1 1 2 stop bits, and even parity. The baud rate factor is to be 16. Let the even address associated with the 8251A be 1060H. Extend the sequence so that it outputs a command that clears the error bits and enables the receiver only and not the transmitter. 3. Write an instruction sequence to use the 8251A set up in Problem 2 to input a 50 byte sequence, by program-controlled I/O, storing it in array GOLD in memory. After completing the input sequence, if a parity or overrun error occurred, then repeat the entire input sequence after clearing the error bits....
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