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EE 3750 — Homework 1 due Wed., September 17, 2008 1. (a) Let the effective address of variable red be 110AH and let DS = 2C10H. What is the corresponding physical address of red , assuming real mode operation? (b) Let the physical address of variable green be 8A930H and let DS = 8600H. What is the corresponding effective address of green , assuming real mode operation? (c) Assume protected mode operation. Let the effective address of variable gray be 1560H and let the base value in the descriptor to which DS points be 54DC34H. What is the corresponding physical address of gray ? 2. Explain the sequence of operations performed by the 8086 while executing the instruction MOV [SI+20H], DL . (Be sure to include generation of effective and physical memory address and what happens to both the source and destination operands.) 3. Specify an 8086 assembly language instruction for each of the following tasks:
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Unformatted text preview: (a) copy the contents of SP into BP (b) move 910H into SI (c) move − 105 into the byte in memory pointed to by BX+DI (d) copy the contents of DX into the word in memory pointed to by SI 4. All integers in this problem are written in hexadecimal. Let AX = 25FE, BX = 3B02, CX = 892A, DX = D100, DI = 3312, SI = 281, CS = 3200, DS = 4E00, SS = A000, and the contents of the byte in memory to which [BX+SI+2A7H] points = 75. For each instruction below, (a) identify the addressing modes of both operands, (b) indicate the contents of the destination operand after the addition, (c) give the flag settings for CF, PF, AF, ZF, SF, and OF after the addition, and (d) write the machine code (see Brey, p. 782 for formats). ADD [BX+SI+2A7H], CL ADD DH, 0D0H...
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