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EE 3750 — Homework 3 due Wed., October 29, 2008 For all problems: state any assumptions made; include comments as needed to make assembly language instruction sequences clear. 1. Given the memory contents shown below, where each memory element is one byte and contents are in hexadecimal, write a complete data segment to create this information. variable type contents offset 3A B yellow word 2C A 1F 9 F1 8 1F 7 bronze word F1 6 02 5 silver byte 02 4 85 3 gold word 8B 2 red byte 91 1 green byte 02 0 2. Three six-bit “windows” exist in one byte (in bit positions 0-5, 1-6, and 2-7). Write an 8086 assembly language sequence to extract each of the three windows from byte variable gold , storing them in byte variables win 0, win 1 , and win 2, respectively, storing each window in bit positions 0-5 of its respective variable, with bits 6 and 7 equal to 0. 3. Write an 8086 instruction sequence to do the following. Let black be a byte array holding ASCII characters. Search black
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