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EE 3750 — Test 1 Wed., October 8, 2008 Open Book and Notes For all problems: state any assumptions made; include comments as needed to make assembly language instruction sequences clear. 1. (20 pts) Consider each of the instructions below, executed separately (not in sequence), with initial register values (in hexadecimal) as follows: AX = 4234, BX = 0A0A, CX = 4FFF, DX = 4947. For each instruction, identify the result of the instruction that is stored in AH and specify the resulting SF, PF, and ZF flags. AND AH, DL ADD AH, DL 2. (20 pts) For the sequence of instructions below, let the offset of green be 620 and the offset of brown be 8C6, and let the registers have the following initial contents: DS = 2000, ES = 3500, SI = 227, DI = 4D6, CX = 22, where all values are in hexadecimal. (a) Specify the contents of all registers changed by the instruction REP MOVSW. (b) Explain what this sequence of instructions accomplishes. (c)
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