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HW1 - instruction MOV CH[BX DI(Be sure to include...

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EE3750 HW1 Due: 6/19 1. The 8086 CPU is a 16-bit processor. As such, one may expect it to address 2 16 unique physical memory locations. Explain why the 8086 can really access 1MB of physical memory. 2. What are the results of the following signed arithmetic operations, and which flags are set? a) 10010001 + 00011011 b) 01110000 + 01111111 c) 11100011 + 10110001 3. Explain the sequence of operations performed by the 8086 while executing the
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Unformatted text preview: instruction MOV CH, [BX+DI]. (Be sure to include generation of effective and physical memory address and what happens to both the source and destination operands.) 4. What addressing mode is used for the following assembly move commands? a) MOV BX, AX b) MOV AL, [DI] c) MOV DATA[BX], AX d) MOV AL, [BX][DX] 5. Provide the machine code for the following assembly instructions: a) MOV AX,BX b) MOV AL,[SI]...
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