Test 1 Topics

Test 1 Topics - ß Program addressing modes(jumps ß Stack...

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EE3750 Test 1 6/26/03 The test is intended to: 1. Test conceptual understanding of material 2. Demonstrate practical problem solving ability This test is not intended to: ß Trick you ß Flunk you ß Test your memorization abilities That being said, the test should not be taken lightly. The problems will not be difficult if you understand the material. However, if you do not posses key knowledge about a problem, it may look quite difficult. Also, no cheating… Coverage: Test 1 will cover all of the material presented through 6/24/03. Know about or how to perform the following: Chapter 1 ß Bus concept (address and data lines) ß Number systems (hex, binary, and decimal in particular) ß Signed binary arithmetic Chapter 2 ß 8086 general purpose registers and their use ß Flag register ß Segment registers ß Real and protected mode overview Chapter 3 ß All data addressing modes
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Unformatted text preview: ß Program addressing modes (jumps) ß Stack addressing Chapter 4 ß Machine code ß Data movement instructions (mov) ß Push/Pop ß LEA, LDS, LES ß String data movement ß XLATB, XCHG Chapter 5 ß Addition and subtraction ß Comparison ß Increment and Decrement Other ß Know essential jumps and looping Potential Problems: These problems are likely to appear on the test. Not all of them will necessarily appear, and there may be others not listed. ß Answer a conceptual question about CPU operation ß Provide the updated flags after a given operation ß Indicate intermediate and or final register values for a given code segment ß Write a code segment to accomplish a specified task ß Describe the CPU operations during a given command ß Provide the microcode for assembly instructions...
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Test 1 Topics - ß Program addressing modes(jumps ß Stack...

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