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Test 2 Topics

Test 2 Topics - Chapter 6 ß JMP ß Conditional jumps ß...

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EE3750 Test 2 7/17/03 The test is intended to: 1. Test conceptual understanding of material 2. Demonstrate practical problem solving ability This test is not intended to: Trick you Flunk you Test your memorization abilities That being said, the test should not be taken lightly. The problems will not be difficult if you understand the material. However, if you do not posses key knowledge about a problem, it may look quite difficult. Also, no cheating… Coverage: Test 2 will cover all of the material presented since Test 1. Know about or how to perform the following: Chapter 5 Basic Arithmetic operations Multiplication Division Packed BCD arithmetic Unpacked BCD arithmetic AAM, AAD (conversions) Basic Logic instructions TEST Shift and rotate instructions
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6 ß JMP ß Conditional jumps ß Loops ß Procedures ß Software Interrupts Chapter 11 ß Memory Mapped I/O ß Isolated I/O ß IN, OUT ß Polling Potential Problems: These problems are likely to appear on the test. Not all of them will necessarily appear, and there may be others not listed. The test format will be very similar to the first test. ß Analyze a code segment and provide the updated register values ß Write an I/O routine for a simple I/O device ß Use conditional jumps and basic operations to write a simple program ß Show the status of the stack after an interrupt or function call ß Explain a BCD instruction ß Multiply/Divide two numbers in assembly ß Write a procedure to accomplish a specific task...
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