EE 3220 Test 2 Review

EE 3220 Test 2 Review - o Identify low and high frequency...

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EE 3220 Test 2 Review Solutions on Semester Book Ch 9: 39,45,52,59,74, 112 Not: 9,12,16,18,20,23,29,35,78,83,92,105 Ch 10:2,10,15,20,76,78 Not: 41 CH 13:102,103,112,118 Chapter 9: Bode Plots Frequency Response of BJT/FET single transistor amplifier circuits Bandwidth Passband gain Time response 9.5 (effect of freq. Resp. on square wave signals – distortion) Low/high  frequency cutoff o Dominant pole method o Thevenin resistence method o Miller’s Theorem
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Unformatted text preview: o Identify low and high frequency capacitors o Superposition of poles Chapter 10/13 Negative feedback circuits • Sampling • Mixing • 4 amplifier types • open loop • feedback loop • input/output resistance with feedback • stability o nyquist plots o gain and phase margin Positive feedback circuits – oscillators op-amp clock crystal oscillator phase shift oscillator LC circuit and the resonance frequency...
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