Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review - a Effects of feedback b 4 amplifier...

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Final Exam Review EE 3220 1. Chapter 7  BJT and FET circuits a. Biasing b. Transfer characteristic (Vin vs Vout) c. AC circuit analysis – small signal modeling, gain, input and output  impedance d. Swing range 2. Chapter 8  Differential Amplifiers a. Differential signals b. Small signal models – differential and common mode gain, Rin,  Rout c. Current source biasing d. Swing range 3. Chapter 9 Frequency Response a. Bode plots, transfer functions, superposition of poles b. Dominant pole concept, thevenin resistance method c. Time response 4. Chapter 10 Feedback
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Unformatted text preview: a. Effects of feedback b. 4 amplifier types – sampling and mixing signals c. stability 5. Chapter 13 Oscillators a. Conditions for oscillation b. Schmitt- Trigger c. Phase shift d. Crystal oscillator 6. Chapter 11 Multistage Amplifiers a. Cascading amps – gain, load factor b. Multistage amp biasing c. Output stages d. Heat transfer 7. Chapter 14 Digital Electronics a. Comparing different digital logic families b. Noise in a digital signal c. Power issues d. Transition time and propagation delay...
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Final Exam Review - a Effects of feedback b 4 amplifier...

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