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Final Exam Review EE 3220 1. Chapter 7 BJT and FET circuits a. Biasing b. Transfer characteristic (Vin vs Vout) c. AC circuit analysis – small signal modeling, gain, input and output impedance d. Swing range 2. Chapter 8 Differential Amplifiers a. Differential signals b. Small signal models – differential and common mode gain, Rin, Rout c. Current source biasing d. Swing range 3. Chapter 9 Frequency Response a. Bode plots, transfer functions, superposition of poles b. Dominant pole concept, thevenin resistance method c. Time response
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Chapter 10 Feedback a. Effects of feedback b. 4 amplifier types sampling and mixing signals c. stability 5. Chapter 13 Oscillators a. Conditions for oscillation b. Schmitt- Trigger c. Phase shift d. Crystal oscillator 6. Chapter 11 Multistage Amplifiers a. Cascading amps gain, load factor b. Multistage amp biasing c. Output stages d. Heat transfer 7. Chapter 14 Digital Electronics a. Comparing different digital logic families b. Noise in a digital signal c. Power issues d. Transition time and propagation delay...
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