3220 test #2 spring 2004

3220 test #2 spring 2004 - Name:...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: _______________________________ EE 3220 Test # 2 Last 4 SSN:____________________________ Spring 2004 DO NOT WRITE ON THE BACK OF THESE PAGES > WORK WILL NOT BE GRADED 1.) Why does the bandwidth of a differential amplifier extend higher, and lower than a simple BJT inverting amplifier with DC blocking and bypass capacitors? 2.) Aside from bandwidth, why is the active bypass (differential amplifier) a better solution to a high gain amplifier than a BJT inverter with a bypass capacitor? 3.) What makes a quartz crystal in parallel with a capacitor an excellent oscillator? Give as much information that is relevant. 4.) Determine the phase margin for the following feedback systems Nyquist plot. 5.) An AM radio station needs to suppress a 60 Hz unwanted noise signal coming from the AC power grid. It is important that audio above 100Hz is passed without any significant AC power grid....
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3220 test #2 spring 2004 - Name:...

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