3220 test #3 fall 2000

3220 test #3 fall 2000 - . It is connected to a negative...

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Name:_________________________________________ EE 3220 Test # 3 SSN:__________________________________________ Fall 2000 1. Use a nyquist plot to determine whether the following transfer function is stable. We have found the three poles of the transfer function, ϖ 1 , ϖ 2 , ϖ 3 . A (j ϖ ) ϖ 1 = 1000 -45 o A (j ϖ ) ϖ 2 = 8.6 -135 o A (j ϖ ) ϖ 3 = 0.99 -225 o 2. Using the dominant pole concept and Miller's theorem, find ALL of the break frequencies for the BJT amplifier below. Draw the high and low frequency small signal models. Sketch the Bode plot and identify which frequencies define the passband. Given: g m = 40 mA/V, C μ = 2 pF, f T = 450 MHz, r x = 50 , r o = , r π = 2.5 k
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3. A transresistance amplifier has a gain open loop gain of A r =1500, input impedance of 50 and output impedance if 85
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Unformatted text preview: . It is connected to a negative feedback circuit with = .01. a. Which type of feedback topologies are needed? Sketch the block diagram showing the forward and feedback connections (sampling and mixing types). b. Which of the four amplifier types must the feedback amplifier be? c. Find A fb , R in , R out , if r in- = r out- = 1M . 4. An op-amp has an open-loop dc gain of 80 dB and open-loop poles at 1, 10 5 , and 10 7 Hz. If the op-amp is connected as a unity-gain follower, the circuit will be stable. Find the gain and phase margins. Draw a bode plot of the gain and phase for plot for a unity-gain op-amp. (Hint: A unity gain op-amp circuit is a form of a feedback network where = 1)....
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3220 test #3 fall 2000 - . It is connected to a negative...

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