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3220 test #3 preliminary

3220 test #3 preliminary - Name EE 3220 Test 3 Spring 2000...

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Name:_________________________________________ EE 3220 Test # 3 Spring 2000 SSN:__________________________________________ 1. 10.8 short Use a nyquist plot to determine whether the following transfer function is stable. 2. 13.7 Find the oscillation frequency of this colpitts oscillator using a quartz crystal. 3. 10.6 short A transresistance amplifier has a gain of A r =1500, input impedance of 50 and output impedance if 85 . It is connected to a negative feedback circuit with β = .01. Find A fb , R in , R out , if r in- β = r out- β = 1M . Which type of feedback topologies are needed. Sketch the block diagram showing the forward and fee 4. 10.1 short An amplifier has a very large but unstable open loop gain. To fix this problem, we have added a feedback network that has β = 0.01. Find the open loop gain that will drop the ideal closed loop gain by 5%. 5. 10.3 short An amplifier has an open loop gain of 10 5 , the bandwidth is 10Hz. What would the bandwidth be if we added a feedback network with β = 0.01? 6. 11.8 A power amplifier needs to dissipate 30 Watts of power. The device
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