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Lab Notebook Guide

Lab Notebook Guide - It is imperative to document each...

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Lab Notebook Guidelines A bound lab notebook must be kept for the entire lab semester. It is to be a repository for any and all information you generate for the labs. Any work done before and during a lab should be performed in the notebook, even scratch work. You may of course perform digital simulations on a computer. The implication is not that all work must be done in pencil. An engineer’s notebook is a valuable chronicle of project development, and the student should become accustomed to maintaining this important log. Students will use the data contained in the notebook to generate their lab reports.
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Unformatted text preview: It is imperative to document each experiment as accurately as possible in as much detail as possible. Note any irregularities in circuit performance. Accurate data is far more valuable than manufactured data. Each lab notebook must be signed by the lab assistant at the end of the lab. Experiments without a signature will receive a grade of zero despite any report submission. The notebook will be submitted to the instructor at the semester’s end. It is not intended to be a formal presentation. As such, scratch work (even “doodles”) is expected. DO NOT LOSE THE NOTEBOOK!...
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