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Lab Report Guide

Lab Report Guide - • What conditions affected your...

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Lab Report Guidelines Lab reports are a formal presentation of the lab activity. Effective communication is the hallmark of an excellent engineer. These reports allow you to practice your communication skills. There is no fixed form for a lab report, but it will generally contain the following types of information: What is the experiment seeking to demonstrate? How was the experiment assembled? What was measured and how? How did the experimental results match the theoretical expectations?
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Unformatted text preview: • What conditions affected your measurements? • How accurate are your results? • Did the experiment achieve its goal? • How could the experiment be improved? A comprehensive lab notebook is the best way to prepare for a lab report. Lab reports must be typed. Figures may be drawn with a straight edge, but students are encouraged to use a technical drawing program. Reports are due one week after the lab. Each individual must submit a report....
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