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session_2 - (10/5 3 Figure 2a is obvious Figure 2b is a...

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EE2231 Lab Session 2 Name 1 Assignment Complete Experiment 2 in the lab manual. Answer all questions posed in italics. Submit your report one week after the lab session. The lab assistant must initial each proce- dure as it is completed. This sheet must be submitted at the end of the lab to receive credit for any practical work. Procedures Complete the procedures listed in the lab manual. Points for each task are listed as ( practical/report ). 1. Connect a potentiometer as in figure 1a. Record the output voltage as a function of the potentiometer position. (10/15) 2. Add a 10 kΩ resistor to the POT tap and repeat step 1. The result will not be identical to procedure 1. At the middle setting the output voltage will be 4V rather than 5V.
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Unformatted text preview: (10/5) 3. Figure 2a is obvious. Figure 2b is a rough approximation to a transistor with finite output resistance. Think of the 3.3 kΩ resistor as a collector resistor (it will make sense later in 2230). (10/15)Record the output voltage as a function of POT position. If the transistor were a perfect switch it would behave like figure 2a. 4. Repeat procedure 3 for figure 3b. (10/15) Use plots in your report to illustrate the performance of the figures. Understanding the performance of these simple circuits is very important for later lab work where the POT will likely be a transistor....
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