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Unformatted text preview: EE2231 Lab Session 5 Name 1 Assignment Complete experiment five in the lab manual. Submit your report one week after the lab session. The lab assistant must initial each procedure as it is completed. This sheet must be submitted at the end of the lab to receive credit for any practical work. Procedures Complete the procedures listed in experiment 5 in the lab manual. Record all data in your lab notebook. Be sure to answer all questions in your report. A brief breakdown of procedures is listed below for grading purposes. Points for each task are listed as (practical/report ). 1. Assemble and observe figure 1. (5/5) 2. Assemble figure 2 and record the behavior. (15/10) 3. Increase the capacitor size from procedure 2 and note the change (10/5) 4. Repeat procedures 1-3 with a sine wave and record the results (15/10) 5. Assemble figure 3 and record the requested data (15/10) ...
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