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There is a sweet and sad gold mauve in the afternoon, giving the beautiful royal splendor of the parks. And under the purple and gold trees have been picked green, pink and green shoots of spring. In the cup of fragrant water source sobs, Water Music and tear, born under the grass between roses and crystals . .. . .. Already forgot the heart of life . .., for the parks it was all kinds of Dreams, starlight, wings of angels . .. just had to wait for the stars, the incense was made flesh and gloom in the paths of Rosales. . . And suddenly, a distant, melancholy voice, has trembled on the silence of water in the air. It is a woman's voice and piano, is a soft pink welfare
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Unformatted text preview: for sleepy in the afternoon, a voice that will make me mourn for anybody and for someone in this blue and gold splendor of the parks. Monotonía de lluvia tras los cristales. Es la clase. En un cartel se representa a Caín fugitivo, y muerto Abel, junto a una mancha carmín. Con timbre sonoro y hueco truena el maestro, un anciano mal vestido, enjuto y seco, que lleva un libro en la mano. Y todo un coro infantil va cantando la lección: <<mil veces ciento, cien mil; mil veces mil, un millón>>. Una tarde parda y fría de invierno. Los colegiales estudian. Monotonía de la lluvia en los cristales....
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