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La Misma Luna es una - The director uses the premise of the bond of love between a mother and her son as a way to address immigration on a personal level in order to reach the Latino market but also the broader US audience. La Misma Luna is a heartwarming story about the struggle of a son, Carlito, who is living in Mexico and his mother, Rosario, who is working in Los Angeles, and their quest to reunite. Riggen uses “mechanisms of cinematic identification” (Stam and Spence 13) such as point-of view editing and close shots so that the audience identifies with Carlito’s journey across the Mexican border in search of his mother. The innocence of Carlito allows the movie to center around the topic of immigration without being controversial. He crosses the border illegally, works as a tomato farmer and as a busboy and does many of the same things that people associate with the stereotypical illegal Mexican. However, instead of associating him with this negative stereotype, the audience is captivated by the story and wants Carlito to find his mother and live happily ever after, no matter where they live. Riggen focuses on the bond of love between a mother and her son as a way to approach immigration on a personal level in order to make the movie accessible not only to a Latino population but also a broader US audience. The opening credits begin with Rosario swimming across a river to reach the border of the United States. The police arrive, creating confusion and desperation but at this early point in the movie the audience has no connection to Rosario. The scene does show the blending of U.S and Mexican culture by the use of both Spanish and English within the first thirty seconds of the movie. One of the police officers runs up to one of the men and says, in a sarcastic tone, “Welcome to America , Juanito” a subtle way for the director to show how many Americans feel about Mexicans crossing over to the states. . Carlitos has a sweet innocence that allows the movie to address serious issues in a way that is not offensive. While in Mexico, he works for a woman who crosses people over the border illegally but because he is so young, it is seen as admirable that he is already trying to save money. As mentioned before, he crosses over the border, which many people in the US disapprove of, yet because it is a child trying to find his mother, the audience wants him to succeed. He then goes on to work at a tomato farm and then at a restaurant as a busboy, both typical jobs of uneducated Mexicans in the United States. Yet he is able to make the jobs look endearing because he is a hard worker and makes everyone around him fall in love with his charismatic appeal. For instance, when he starts singing in the restaurant, one of the other
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La Misma Luna english notes - La Misma Luna es una - The...

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