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CLASS 25 NOTES - • Could be later addition by Christians...

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CLASS 25 NOTES 11/20/08 Josephus: Joseph son of Matthathias = Flavias Josephus Boen in 37 A.D., died 100 A.D. In 67, Josephus was appointed commander of Galilee At siege of Jotapate, Josephus’ companions made a suicide pact and Josephus surrendered to the Romans Set free after declared Vespasian would be emperor Becomes client of royal family Adopts name of family, Latinized name Moves to Rome, lives there rest of his life Asked to write histories o Jewish War : completed ca. 80 Story of Jewish Revolt Starts with Hasmoneans, ends with fall of Masada o Dual message: To subject peoples: don’t think about revolting against Rome To Romans: revolt work of extremists who don’t represent Judaism or Jews 93-94 A.D.: Jewish Antiquities o History of Jewish people o Was written when the revolt and its aftermath were less immediate o Exalt the Jews in the eyes of the Greco-Roman world Why writing survived: Christians preserved them Josephus refers to Jesus Christ in Antiquities 18:3.3
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Unformatted text preview: • Could be later addition by Christians • Passages concerning John the Baptist and James the brother of Jesus that were reworked by the Christians Why weren’t preserved in Jewish tradition: • Rabbis views revolutionaries as crazed fanatics who brought disaster on Israel • Not sacred scripture or oral law • Josephus motivated by political considerations, self-justification, and apologetic tendencies • Tries to hide the fact that revolt was supported by Jewish aristocracy • Apologetic for the Romans equally clear • Vespasian and Titus are portrayed as perfect gentlemen who gave Jews opportunity to surrender • Titus did his best to save the Temple and cried as it burned • Are better informed about this revolt than any other native rebellion • Revolt retained an importance far beyond the Jewish tradition because Jesus foresaw the destruction of the Temple...
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CLASS 25 NOTES - • Could be later addition by Christians...

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