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CLASS 21 NOTES - CLASS 21 NOTES 31 B.C The Battle of...

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CLASS 21 NOTES 11/4/08 31 B.C. – The Battle of Actium o Octavian vs. Marc Antony o Navel battle, off the coast of Greece o Octavian defeated Marc Antony/Cleopatra o Marc Antony/Cleopatra flee back to Egypt, both commit suicide o Octavian assumes control of all of Rome o Herod now reports to Octavian After the Battle of Actium, Herod went to Rhodes to meet Octavian o Herod confessed is previous loyalty to Antony but asked that Octavian be concerned not with “whose friend, but how loyal a friend” her had been (War 1:390) o Octavian reconfirms position, and expanded size of Herod’s kingdom (Ant. 15:198) 27 B.C. – Roman Senate bestowed on Octavian the title of Augustus Beginning of Roman Empire Before he left for Rhodes, Herod placed Mariamne and Alexandra under guard at Alexandrium-Sartaba All of Herod’s children (including Mariamne’s) were sequestered at Masada, under the watch of Herod’s sister Salome and his mother Cypros After his return (29 B.C.), Herod suspected that Mariamne had an affair with her guard: “Then, out of his ungovernable jealously and rage, he commanded both of them to be killed immediately. But as soon as his
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