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RECITATION NOTES 10-24 - • Used Septuagint don’t know...

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RECITATION NOTES 10/24/08 Philo 25 B.C. or 15 B.C. – 50 A.D. Born in Alexandria Embassy to Gaius: 39 A.D Wealthy family Brother Alexander – son Tiberius Alexander who rejected Jewish faith for political reason and later became prefect of Egypt Stoicism o Bothered by how gods portrayed in Greek mythology (human characteristics) Allegorical interpretation Law: visible symbols of things invisible
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Unformatted text preview: • Used Septuagint; don’t know if Philo knew Hebrew • Only example of Hellenized Judaism outside of Israel-Palestine • Similarity between John and Philo o Use term “logos” o “dwelt among us” – wisdom Jesus o Instruments of god = logos o John – logos was with the god and was a god o Philo passed down by Christians – alludes to trinity...
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