CLASS 11 NOTES - • Grandson translated into Greek and...

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CLASS 11 NOTES 9/18/08 High Priest Families: Onias III = High Priest in Jerusalem Simon – “captain of the Temple” and a supporter of the Tobiads o Accuses Onias of hoarding money o Under Seleucus… No banks so state keeps money in temple Undisclosed money being hoarded “savings of widows and orphans” Send finance minister Heliodorus to Jerusalem to check it out Antioch = capital of Seleucid kingdom Onias goes to Antioch to meet with Seleucus IV Heliodorus assassinates king and is then killed himself The Wisdom of Ben Sira (Ecclesiastics): DO NOT CONFUSE WITH ECCLESIASTES/ KOHELET Is in the Apocrypha Work alludes to political difficulties in Jerusalem at the time of Onias III (ca. 200 B.C.-170 B.C.) First book in Jewish literature to identify author by name At end of book, passage E. 50:27 →Jesus Author was a scribe who ran a “school of instruction in Jerusalem” Ben Sira (Hebrew Sirach) wrote in Hebrew
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Unformatted text preview: • Grandson translated into Greek and added prologue o Learned in reading of law, prophets, other writings→ Hebrew Bible o Suggest the tripartite of Hebrew Bible dates far back • Grandson reports he came to Egypt in 38 th year (132 B.C.) of Ptolemy VIII Euergetes III • Ben Sira’s goal: to convince Jewish audience that true wisdom is in the Jewish tradition not Greek philosophy • Opposed to Hellenism and glorifies illustrious ancestors from bible, etc. Antiochus IV and Maccabean Revolt: • Seleucus IV succeeded by brother Antiochus IV Epiphanes: “the Manifest god” ( an epithet of Olympian Zeus) • Raised in Athens, loved Greek culture • Onias III in Antioch o His brother Jason (Jeshua) served as interim high priest o Secures high priesthood for himself by bribe (2 Macc. 4:8-9) o Allows Jerusalem to become a polis Considered an advantage Renamed Antioch...
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CLASS 11 NOTES - • Grandson translated into Greek and...

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