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ID Review - Places Judea Israel Palestine Samaria...

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Unformatted text preview: Places Judea Israel Palestine Samaria Mesopotamia Galilee Assyria Babylonia Persia Mount Gerizim* Elephantine Jewish Diaspora in Egypt, military colony, another temple to Yahu Leontopolis Ebernari Things Temple literally the house of the God, only high priests were allowed to enter Synagogue place of worship, possible origin during the Babylonian exile, gathered together to worship God of Israel under elders Torah/Pentateuch/Five Books of Moses the Hebrew bible, the law of the land (in antiquity there was no difference between politics and religion) United Kingdom Under Solomon and David, no division between South and North, temple at Jerusalem Divided Kingdom Israel in the North, Judah in the South, different interpretations of the Torah, exclusive vs inclusive yahwism, centralization of the church Asherah Exile being forced out of ones native land, attempt to destroy power base so often the wealthy were exiled, people of Judea exiled by Assyrians and Babylonians, Persians let them return Exclusivist Yahwism - worshipped yahweh and no other Gods, area of Judah, writers of the Bible, Ezra Inclusivist Yahwism worshipped yahweh and but tolerated worship of other gods as well, Ahabi married Jezabel and erected temple to Baal Documentary Hypothesis Septuagint Greek translation of the Torah, means 70, because of Letter of Aristeas (fictional story)...
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ID Review - Places Judea Israel Palestine Samaria...

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