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Chapter 5 summary

Chapter 5 summary - 4 Need accompaniment to carry a subject...

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Chapter 5: PROBLEMS Topic: How problems being noticed by policy makers Indicators 1. Governmental and nongovernmental agencies routinely monitor various activities and events: highway death, disease rate, immunization rate, consumer prices etc. 2. One of the common routine: to follow the patterns of government expenditures and budgetary impacts. 3. Studies are conducted on a particular problem at a given point in time. 4. Use the indicators to assess the magnitude of a problem and be aware of changes in a problem. 5. Pervasive, necessary and powerful indicators. 6. Interpretation methods matters into analyzing indicators. Focusing events, crisis, and symbols 1. Push from focusing events, crisis and symbols 2. The differences between health and transportation. Crisis may be aggregated in transportation than health. 3. Variations refer to the personal experience of policy makers and the impact of powerful symbols/ the emergence and diffusion of a powerful symbol.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Need accompaniment to carry a subject to policy agenda. i. Reinforce preexisting perception of problem ii. Continuous occurrences of a disaster or crisis iii. Affect problem definition in combination with other similar events Feedback from operating current programs 1. Sometimes in the form of systematic monitoring and evaluation studies. 2. Most of times informal feedback (complains and casework) 3. For bureaucrats, from day to day administration of a program Why problems fade? Feel have solved the problem by passing a legislation or making an administrative decision Fade from view. (problems become less sever, or people have already got used to them) Budget: make possible governmental innovation impossible Conditions come to be defined as problems through translation by value, comparisons, and categories....
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