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presentation talking points - Fells point (203) experienced...

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Fells point (203) experienced an overall ethic and racial population growth. The total population doubled over the three decades. The percentage of white residents declined slightly from 95 to 84 percent as the percentage of Blacks, Hispanics, and others increased. Fells Point has the highest median income of our studied neighborhoods. The majority of black households were low-income. Hispanics are mostly middle and high-income residents. Both Blacks and Hispanics have become more educated, which leads to the increase in employment rate. For example, the employment rate among blacks increased from 95 to almost 100 percent between 2000 and 2010. It is worth noting that this rate of employment is even higher than whites, who were 97 percent employed in 2010, because the percentage of blacks not in the workforce jumped from 22 to 40 percent. It appears that minorities entering the neighborhood were becoming more educated and wealthier, which could be an example of spatial assimilation theory. Because, this theory argues that minorities translate
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presentation talking points - Fells point (203) experienced...

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