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Critically Reading Research_Full List

Critically Reading Research_Full List - CRITICALLY READING...

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CRITICALLY READING RESEARCH One of the objectives of this course is to improve your ability to describe and evaluate social science research. Throughout the course you will be asked to critically read a variety of research articles from professional journals based on what you have learned. The following are some elements that you should focus on when reading any research article. This skill will help you not only critically evaluate others work but give you experience to the advantages, disadvantages, and considerations when planning and implementing your own research. Describe the study with respect to the basic elements: 1. What is the purpose of the study? a. Is it primarily exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory, or does it have more than one purpose? b. Is the application of theory deductive or inductive? c. Is this topic worth studying? 2. What type of research is it an instance of? a. Is it basic research, or applied? b. Quantitative or qualitative? c. Does it proceed by experiment, observation, survey? 3. What is the research question (or questions)? What is the relationship under study? Does the study make any claims about causation?
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