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BUAD 110 Quantitative Reasoning/Forecasting Poverty Level Data 1. California and Texas have the most people below the poverty level. 2. Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico have the highest percentage of persons below the poverty level. 3. New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Connecticut have the highest percentage of persons above the poverty level. 4. The highest levels of poverty are in the South and Southwest. The lowest levels of poverty are in the North, New England, and the Midwest. Montana is an outlier because it is in the Northwest, yet has a very high level of poverty. Sports Injuries Data 1. In terms of risk of getting hurt, football is more dangerous than bicycle riding, ice hockey is more dangerous than soccer, and skateboarding is more dangerous than
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Unformatted text preview: swimming. 2. According to injury rate, ice hockey, basketball, and football are the most dangerous, and billiards, bowling, and archery are the least dangerous. 3. Exercising with equipment, swimming, and ice hockey have rankings that change significantly when looking at absolute numbers vs. injury rates. State Populations 1. California, Texas, and Florida had the largest increase in population. 2. Nevada, Arizona, and Utah had the largest percentage increase. 3. The Southwest, Idaho and Florida are experiencing high population growth. The rest of the United States is experiencing little population growth. The District of Colombia is an outlier because it is experiencing population decline....
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