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ERR_FEMA travel kit

ERR_FEMA travel kit - Personal and Professional Preparation...

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Personal and Professional Preparation for Deployment with FEMA The following information is provided to help you prepare for your upcoming deployment in support of DHS/FEMA. Packing for Deployment: Following is a list of items you may find beneficial to bring with you. 1. Personal clothing for hot, humid weather to include multiple pairs of hiking socks and sturdy boots or shoes, and shorts/pants with pockets that close. Also bring at least one sweatshirt or light jacket. 2. Personal hygiene/toiletry items 3. Extra prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses/contact lenses and or solutions 4. Personal medications/vitamins 5. Inoculations record or dates – especially tetanus 6. emergency contact information 7. Back pack 8. Whistle – communication in urgent situations 9. Flashlight with batteries (take extra batteries) or motion charged power source 10. Insect repellent (containing DEET or Picaridin for long lasting protection) 11. Sun screen – at least SPF 30 12. Light weight rain gear 13. Cell Phone (w/ car charging adapter and text messaging capability) and/or calling card
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  • Sunscreen, Antiseptic, Insect repellent, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, Personal hygiene/toiletry items, anti-bacterial wet wipes

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