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i Table of Contents The Ambassadors REVIEW Fall 2011 F ROM R EVOLUTION TO T RANSITION IN T UNISIA 1 Ambassador Gordon Gray A FTER THE A RAB S PRING : T HE R OAD TO R EFORM IN THE M IDDLE E AST AND N ORTH A FRICA 5 President and Chief Executive Officer of IFES William Sweeney W ILL M OROCCO S R EFORMS P OINT A W AY F ORWARD OR S IMPLY S UCCEED A LONE ? 9 Ambassador Edward M. Gabriel and United States Foreign Service Officer (Ret.) Robert M. Holley A FRICA S M ULTICULTURAL T RADITION AND C URRENT A RAB T RENDS 14 HIH Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie A MERICA S G ROWING S TAKE IN C ENTRAL A SIA 18 Assistant Secretary of State Robert O. Blake, Jr. T HE M ISSING E ND G AME FOR A FGHANISTAN : A S USTAINABLE P OST B IN L ADEN S TRATEGY 22 Ambassador David M. Abshire 3.11: H OW I S AW I T 24 Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki H ONDURAS : C RISIS , T RANSITION AND R EFORM 27 Ambassador Hugo Llorens P RIVATIZATION H ELPS : T HE H UNGARIAN E XAMPLE 31 Ambassador Donald Blinken S WEDEN A SSUMES THE C HAIRMANSHIP OF THE A RCTIC C OUNCIL 33 Ambassador Gustaf Lind “T HE R OCK S TAR OF THE R ECOVERY ”: E
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Unformatted text preview: S WEDEN ’ S S TRONG E CONOMIC P ERFORMANCE 3 5 Political Advisor to the Swedish Ministry of Finance Johan Berggren T HE S EVEN S TATES OF THE F ORMER Y UGOSLAVIA : A N E VALUATION 4 Ambassador Thomas P. Melady, Ph.D. and J. Cushman Laurent P UBLIC D IPLOMACY : A T THE C ROSSROADS B ETWEEN P RACTITIONER AND T HEORIST 46 Kathryn W. Davis Public Diplomacy Fellow Michelle A. Lee, Ph.D. ii Addenda Statement 51 Officers of the Council of American Ambassadors 52 Directors of the Council of American Ambassadors 53 The Ambassadors REVIEW The Honorable Ogden Reid Editor A publication of the: Council of American Ambassadors 888 17 th Street, NW, #306 Washington, DC 20006-3312 Phone: 202.296.3757 • Fax: 202.296.0926 Email: [email protected] The opinions expressed in these writings are the authors alone and do not necessarily represent the position of the Council of American Ambassadors....
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