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Fall 2011 The Ambassadors REVIEW 24 3.11: How I Saw It Ichiro Fujisaki Ambassador of Japan to the United States hat a horrific scene it was. Places where houses and buildings had been, and where people had been walking and working, were washed away. Driving through the area with my wife and daughter four months after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsumani struck Japan, I met school teachers and others who had lost family members. Despite their tragic experiences, I was encouraged that many of them were trying to recover from the shock and were working hard on behalf of their families and their communities. This was truly a massive disaster. Japan experienced the largest earthquake and tsunami in one thousand years, only to be accompanied by a nuclear accident. No country has ever experienced such a triple disaster and no country ever should. My impressions are not very different from other people’s. Nonetheless, let me spell them out. First, great friendship and solidarity were extended from people around the world to Japan. Rescue teams, donations, offers of expertise and volunteers. At the top of the list was the United States. Two of the first rescue teams to arrive in Japan came from Los Angeles, California and Fairfax, Virginia. When the Virginia team returned to the United States, I went to welcome them. I was touched to see that entire families, including little babies, were there to meet the team members at three o’clock in the morning. These families must have been anxious about the team members’ safety.
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f_0023438_19180 - 3.11 How I Saw It Ichiro Fujisaki...

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