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Fall 2008 The Ambassadors REVIEW 34 What Freedom Means Carolina Barco Ambassador of Colombia to the United States reedom is indivisible, and when one man is enslaved, all are not free.” This important and enduring quote of President John F. Kennedy represents the will and commitment to individual freedom by the Government of Colombia. Just a few months ago, 15 hostages held captive by the terrorist group known as the FARC 1 were rescued in the jungles of Colombia. While this news was greeted with worldwide jubilation, we know our job is not completed, as we remain devoted to achieving the freedom of those who remain in the FARC’s unjust and inhumane captivity. For many in other nations, the dramatic rescue was seen as a single, isolated action. For Colombians, however, it is a remarkable milestone and the symbol of a sustainable transformation the country has eagerly embraced. The rescue, engineered and executed flawlessly by the Colombian Army, with the leadership and commitment of the President and the Minister of Defense, was largely made possible through a process that began in 2002. Since President Uribe came to office, Colombia has experienced unprecedented progress through the President’s Democratic Security Policy (DSP), which is based upon a consolidation of State control throughout Colombia. The goal of the DSP is to deny sanctuary to terrorists and perpetrators of violence, while protecting the general population through an increase in State presence in all corners of the nation. This includes not only a reduction
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f_0010084_7831 - What Freedom Means Carolina Barco...

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