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Fall 2008 The Ambassadors REVIEW 80 Council of American Ambassadors OFFICERS Honorary Chair George H.W. Bush Chairs Emeriti Robert D. Stuart, Jr. William J. vanden Heuvel Chairs Keith L. Brown Henry L. Kimelman Ogden Reid President Bruce S. Gelb Vice Chairs David M. Abshire William McC. Blair, Jr. Donald Blinken Joseph B. Gildenhorn (Treasurer) Glen A. Holden John L. Loeb, Jr. Joseph Verner Reed Abelardo L. Valdez Vice Presidents Patricia Lynch Ewell Timothy L. Towell Leon J. Weil Secretary G. Philip Hughes
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Fall 2008 The Ambassadors REVIEW 81 DIRECTORS Elizabeth Frawley Bagley Stuart W. Holliday Stuart A. Bernstein Charles W. Hostler Julia Chang Bloch Alfred H. Kingon Theodore R. Britton, Jr. Lester B. Korn Anne Cox Chambers Luis Lauredo Charles E. Cobb, Jr. Charles T. Manatt Walter J.P. Curley Julian M. Niemczyk K. Terry Dornbush Penne Korth Peacock
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Unformatted text preview: Robin C. Duke Selwa S. Roosevelt Edward E. Elson Paul A. Russo Richard M. Fairbanks III Cynthia P. Schneider Richard N. Gardner David S. Smith Margaret M. Heckler Carl Spielvogel COMMITTEES American Ambassadors Forum Planning William J. vanden Heuvel G. Philip Hughes Alfred H. Kingon Council of American Ambassadors’ Fellowships James C. Rosapepe Julia Chang Bloch Cynthia P. Schneider Abelardo L. Valdez Leon J. Weil Endowment Fund Recruitment Glen A. Holden Stuart A. Bernstein Henry L. Kimelman Sue M. Cobb John L. Loeb, Jr. Arthur Schechter The Ambassadors REVIEW Ogden Reid COUNCIL STAFF Carolyn M. Gretzinger Executive Director Angela R. Norcross International Program Associate 888 17 th Street, NW • Suite 306 Washington, DC 20006-3312 Phone: 202.296.3757 • Fax: 202.296.0926 Email: [email protected]..
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f_0010096_7843 - Robin C Duke Selwa S Roosevelt Edward E...

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