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Spring 2009 The Ambassadors REVIEW 16 Canada-United States: A Strong Partnership President Obama Visits Canada Michael Wilson Ambassador of Canada to the United States resident Obama made his first foreign trip to Canada on February 19, 2009. This should not have been that big a surprise. Tradition maybe, as many have talked about the “traditional” first visit of a US President always being to Canada. But more important than that, the visit underscored the extraordinarily deep, close and unparalleled relationship that Canada and the United States share. We are each other’s neighbors, have the world’s largest trading relationship, and we are friends and allies sharing the world’s largest secure border that stretches across our continent. “I came to Canada on my first trip as president to underscore the closeness and importance of the relationship between our two nations, and to reaffirm the commitment of the United States to work with friends and partners to meet the common challenges of our time,” said President Obama at his joint press conference with Prime Minister Harper. President Obama has underlined that his approach to foreign policy will put a priority on strengthening alliances and working with partners to deal with the myriad of issues on the international agenda. Canada has a long tradition of cooperation with the United States in defending our continent and internationally—we have fought together for democracy, freedom and the rule of law in two World Wars, Korea, Kosovo, and more recently in Afghanistan. It is not surprising therefore that the President and the Prime Minister agreed to work together on a number of key international priorities, with a particular focus on Afghanistan. Currently more than 2,800 Canadian Forces personnel are serving in
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f_0016383_14181 - Canada-United States: A Strong...

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