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The Ambassadors REVIEW 63 The Young Generation Prepares to Support the United Nations Hans Blix, Ph.D. President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations William J. vanden Heuvel President of the Friends of the World Federation of United Nations Associations Deputy US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, 1979-1981 US Permanent Representative to the European Office of the United Nations, 1977-1979 oday, people throughout the world are experiencing the most severe set of global crises since the United Nations was formed over 60 years ago. They include financial, economic and environmental crises as well as crises of scarcity—of food, fuel and water. It is gratifying that the new US administration recognizes “that the global challenges we face demand global institutions that work.” 1 By appointing a close associate, Susan Rice, as Ambassador to the United Nations and restoring the post’s Cabinet status, President Obama has signaled the intention of the United States to resume the role of a responsible leader. What kind of leadership is now needed? It must be able to identify and define the threats and challenges that face the international community and to make full use of the tremendous instrument for negotiation, cooperation and joint action that the United Nations system provides. We must recognize that the Cold War is over. Although significant differences continue to exist between the great powers, there are no longer substantive controversies of such magnitude that would justify military confrontations among them. The accelerating interdependence of states—including the big powers—is inevitably driving them to cooperate within the framework of the United Nations system. The earth has only one atmosphere, and we have only begun to realize that urgent coordinated action must be taken to maintain it in a shape that is healthy for our survival and for the generations who will succeed us. Viruses travel fast. They need no passports and ask for no visas. Regardless of recognition and diplomatic relations, states must cooperate to stop diseases. Restoring financial equilibrium and economic and social development is no longer just a national or regional task, but one that calls for accommodation and cooperation by all. Preventing terrorism and a further spread of weapons of mass destruction requires global agreements on principles and much common 1 Remarks by President-elect Barack Obama: Announcement of the National Security Team, December 1, 2007, in Chicago, Illinois. T
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f_0016392_14190 - The Young Generation Prepares to Support...

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